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We provide Fire Door Installation, Fire Door Maintenance & all Fire Door Surveys including a Fire Stopping Service.
We are third-party accredited for Fire Door Installation, Fire Door Maintenance and Fire Stopping Services.

The legislation around fire door safety is extensive and for good reason. The safety of your staff and premises is of the utmost importance but it is often something that is unknowingly compromised. The ‘Fire Door’ is the first line of defence between you and the fire and plays a crucial role in restricting the spread of fire and smoke, thus reducing injury, property damage and death.

When you call upon the services of Fire and Safety Works we provide new Fire Door & Frame Installation, Maintenance / Upgrades / Repairs, Inspections and Surveys. We will quickly establish if the products you have in place have been well maintained and that both you and your premises are fully compliant to Fire Safety Regulations.

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Industrial enviroments come with many obstacles and varied jobsite situations which our commercial installation technicians can face daily. Our team are continually trained in the best safety and skill practices in the industry. Clients demand the very best, and with the experience and equipment which come with our Fire Door installation technicians...We Deliver! Recent fire door works carried out came with challenging areas of works. A grade 1 listed building and Emergency Healthcare areas are just a few projects where we have carried out new Fire Door and Frame installations. Contact us today for pricing or for more information on any new Fire Door and Frame installs that you might require.

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All fire doors ought to be built within regulations and specifications of the local building and fire codes of whatever jurisdiction the door is located. When a fire door fails, it is usually due to a part of the door not being up to code. We can provide a on site service and maintenance to suit where doors can be either upgraded or replaced to comply with your buildings needs regarding the required compartmentalisation, building control or environmental regulations. Common minor repairs include :

  • Gap adjustment
  • Installation of smoke seals
  • Hinge replacement
  • Hardware adjustment


The newest standard requires that fire-rated doors be tested for functionality no less than annually and that a written record of the inspection be kept on file. Our fire door inspection team can help you ensure that your fire doors are code compliant and are working properly. A detailed report includes :

  • Total Doors, Compliant vs. Non-Compliant
  • Reasons for Failure
  • Door repairs available, including adjustments to gaps, Hinge upgrade, Seal replacement, Panel upgrade

Contact us for details on our Survey and Inspection service