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At Fire and Safety Works, our team has an impressive track record of working closely with diverse industries to offer guidance on various aspects of passive fire protection and regulations.

Our certified and courteous team adheres to the highest standards of health and safety while maintaining a professional appearance at all times.

We have a wealth of experience working on construction sites, occupied properties, modern buildings, and world-renowned heritage properties, ensuring that your properties meet present and future regulations as part of your overall fire strategy and passive fire stopping strategy.

Housing Association

In recent years, all residential and social housing have been subject to new, more rigorous regulations after the tragic Grenfell fire incident. With our 30 years of expertise in fire safety and construction, we can offer residents the reassurance that their residential properties have adhered to the most stringent fire stopping regulations.


Fire and Safety Works takes pride in collaborating with an array of premium retail establishments and high street brands such as Selfridges, and many others. We can partner with operating stores to provide top-notch fire stopping services for installation, maintenance, or surveys, while ensuring minimal disturbance to daily operations.


We take pride in our partnership with prestigious automotive brands such as Rolls Royce, where we have utilized our fire stopping proficiency to enhance the fire doors in their showroom.

Commercial Offices

Passive fire stopping plays a crucial role in all buildings, particularly in commercial structures. With our 30 years of experience, we have worked on a wide range of office spaces. We offer various door options to ensure absolute adherence to the most rigorous safety standards, in addition we conduct fire door inspections, maintenance, and comprehensive passive fire stopping surveys.

Arts and Heritage

Fire stopping in public buildings presents a fresh set of challenges. Our certified professionals offer a variety of services to guarantee that museums and art properties have fire doors that meet compliance standards, in addition to offering other passive fire stopping recommendations. Our extensive experience includes collaborating with large, well-established heritage museums.


At Fire and Safety Works, safeguarding staff and patients in medical facilities is paramount. With our extensive experience working in operational healthcare environments such as hospitals and care homes, we collaborate closely with management teams to ensure minimal disruption to daily operations. Our expertise enables us to offer the best possible fire stopping and fire protection solutions, tailored to meet the unique and intricate requirements of the healthcare industry.


Fire and Safety Works has the expertise to adapt to any industry sector. We are flexible in working within various budget constraints, while never compromising on safety, which remains our top priority in every project we undertake.