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Fire Door Inspection

Our knowledgeable Inspectors are fully accredited to undertake a range of fire door inspections and certifications.

Fire door inspection services from the leading fire door supplier and installer in South East England. We can answer your questions, help you schedule an estimate or service appointment. Prompt, courteous and professional service is our trademark. We provide a complete inspection and survey service to all areas of fire doors and any other doors and related equipment. Our experienced and fully trained Inspectors take pride in their work and will do whatever it takes to see that your door, door operator or other equipment is properly installed, maintained and safe to operate. From preventive maintenance to a complete overhaul, we are prepared to go the extra mile.

How often should you have a fire door survey?

Regular fire door inspection and maintenance will ensure that they are compliant with fire regulations and fit for purpose. They should be treated in the same way as a fire alarm or a fire extinguisher to safeguard residents or colleagues working in your property.

As fire doors undergo frequent use, they often have wear and tear, therefore all fire doors should be checked by a certified contractor every six months to ensure that they are working correctly. In the interval period any damage or issues should be rectified immediately.

Fire door surveys check the following elements:
• Has the door got the correct fire rating for its’ specific location
• Is the door fitted correctly, with the compliant gaps
• The door has the correct closers and hardware to function in a fire
• Is there is glazing in the fire door, it is the correct spec and is fitted correctly
• The fire door has the correct signage
• The door is identified in the building’s asset register
• Is in good working order and not damaged and will function correctly in a fire
• Has the correct intumescent strips on the door

On completion of your fire door inspection, you will be provided with an in depth report describing each door’s condition and detailing any remedial work required. If a door is compliant you will be provided with the appropriate fire door certificate. If a door if found to be non-compliant we will provide a detailed quote for the work required to resolve any issues.